The right school sparks joy. We can help you find it.


Sparkjoy Consulting specializes in helping families in the East Bay find preschools, kindergarten, and elementary schools.

We will aid you and your child through:



Articulate the hopes and dreams you and your children have for their education. Setting clear goals will lead to an engaged classroom experience. 



We evaluate your children's particular learning styles by observing them in the classroom. This will ensure finding the best possible school for their needs.



Navigate the public school lottery and private school interview processes. In a competitive city, a professional angle can make all the difference. 


Sparkjoy will help you:


Understand the lingo and ask effective questions at school tours and Open Houses.

Be your proxy at tours and Open Houses if you are too busy or unavailable to attend them.

Establish a clear timeline for the school application process.

Put your best foot forward with admissions departments.

Contact a wide range of current families at schools in which you are interested.

Prepare for private school interviews.

Navigate the public school lottery process.

Advocate effectively for your child if your current school is not meeting your standards.